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Being touched and caressed is food for the infant

Frederick Leboyer

I am so pleased I trained as a Baby Massage Instructor in 2009 as it is always so rewarding. The greatest pleasure I get is when mums tell me at the end of each course, just how much they have bonded with their babies. They have a deeper understanding of how their little ones are feeling, and there is a special, closer connection between mother and baby.

Aroma Health Care - Baby MassageIt is also wonderful when dads come to a class. It adds a whole new dimension to the group, and encourages other parents to get their partners involved!

Baby massage is not just for mums, it is for dads and other carers, grandparents and foster parents. Also the baby’s siblings can get involved, and they always love to have a go, even if it is just doing a 2 minute foot massage! It helps reduce any jealously or rivalry that they may feel with the new arrival in the family!


Benefits for the Baby

  • Encourages healthy growth and development, especially with premature babies
  • Promotes better sleep, aids digestion, relieves colic and constipation
  • Boosts the immune system
  • Relieves  teething pain
  • Eases chest and sinus congestion
  • Can be a signal to relax
  • Is warming and pleasurable and makes baby feel loved
  • Can be fun and stimulates your baby’s senses, encouraging brain development

What happens at a baby massage class?


Aroma Health Care - Baby Massage ClassesIt is advisable that you bring your baby’s changing mat, spare nappies, a towel and wipes. Each week I teach a different part of the whole massage routine, e.g. week one will concentrate on 'Legs and Feet'.

It is better that the baby is free of their nappy, so spare nappies are important and a towel for them to lie on will make them feel warm and safe, as well as protecting your mat.

Each week I hand out notes for you to take home, and we go through these notes during the class. You also receive the massage routine for that week.

Sometimes your baby may need feeding during the class, and this is normal and acceptable within the group. No one is under any pressure to continue with the massage if their baby is crying. It is often just a hug or a top up feed for all it takes for baby to settle again.


Benefits for Parents

  • Provides the ideal environment for Parent- Baby attachment
  • Encourages involvement from Dads, giving Mum a break!
  • Can give Fathers their own special bonding time & encourages their involvement with caring for their little one
  • Helps with post natal depression
  • Can help relax both parent and baby
  • Can help develop a positive routine e.g. a bedtime routine
  • Can reduce sibling rivalry when brothers or sisters get involved

Baby Massage Classes

Bourne Children's Centre,PE10 9DX

Fridays 11:30 -12:30

My Baby Massage Class runs for 5 sessions (one hour each session), for which there is a fee of £37.50 to be paid in advance of  the first class. During the course you will receive a small bottle of sunflower oil, as well as each week’s notes and massage routine.

My course is open for mums, dads, grandparents and other carers of little ones. The age recommended for when babies are suitable for my massage course is generally up to 7 months, or for babies who are not yet crawling.


Aroma Baby Care

Baby Massage Classes

Courses are being added all the time so please get in touch to find when the next one is due to start. 


One to One Baby Massage Sessions

I offer home visits for parents who wish to learn Baby Massage but are unable to attend a class at the Children's Centre.
If you are interested please email.